Carter Cutlery 8.98″ Muteki #2976 Carving by Shamus

Product Description


STYLE: Muteki, Carving Kitchen Knife
STEEL: Hitachi White #1 Steel core laminated with 410 Stainless Steel
FINISH: Ground/Polished
HANDLE: Arizona Desert Ironwood
LINER: Red G10 Liners
BLADE LENGTH: 8.98″ (228 mm, 7.52 sun)
WEIGHT: 7.05 oz (200 g)
BLADE WIDTH: 1.73″ (44 mm)
BLADE THICKNESS: *0.083″ (2.1 mm)

*NOTE: Because all of Carter Cutlery blades have a forged distal taper (thicker in the middle, more thin towards the tip), the blade thickness given is dependent on what part of the blade is measured. On kitchen knives, we measure the blade thickness at the stamp.

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