HHH knives 300mm "Lightning" Scimitar Knife

Product Description

Steel: 1080 and Nickel Carbon Damascus "Lightning"

HRC: 61

Construction: Damascus 

Length: 300x42mm Spine at Heel 2.81mm

Finish: Etched 

Bladesmith: Randy Haas

Handle: Handles are a combination of Superconductor bolsters, High Grade Koa with cross cut stabilized mammoth tusk Spacer.

Woolly mammoths (Mammuthus primigenius) are the most iconic ice age mammal. Their magnificent curved tusks were huge and impressive - measuring up to 14 feet!  Approx 12000 years old. This tusk piece was found in Siberia. and was professionally stabilized. after curing for 4 years.  and finally found its way into these beautiful knife handles. combining something extremely old with something extremely new in a perfect combination of AWESOMENESS!

The materials on this set are exceptional
..EXTREMELY RARE PREMIUM Superconductor Copper Niobium Metal Alloy (Beehive Pattern) from the ex-Texas Superconducting Super Collider / DESERTRON

The super conductor is composed of Niobium-53%/Titanium-47% alloy rods bundled in copper.  The piece is a slice of Niobium Titanium (NbTi) superconductor preform / half made wire for Rutherford cable. It has approx 6,426 twisted NbTi filaments with a diameter of 6-micrometers (10 times thinner than a normal human hair) embedded in an oxygen free copper matrix. Around each filament there is a 0.0005 mm layer of high-purity copper. Copper is an insulation material between the filaments in the superconductive state, when the temperature is below -263C. When leaving the superconductive state, copper acts as a conductor transferring the electric current and the heat. NbTi is a superconducting alloy.

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