Carter Cutlery 9.49″ Master Smith #278 High Grade Gyuto

Product Description


This is a Master Smith knife – a title and stamp reserved for the most exquisite cutlery. The Master Smith stamp is only used on knives that represent the absolute pinnacle of Murray’s knife making abilities.

The Carter Elbow is a design detail inspired by the Japanese wabocho. Murray modified it and now claims it as his own unique contribution to the industry. The radius of the Carter Elbow allows more steel to remain at the point which is traditionally a weaker place in the blade and has a tendency to get damaged first. Compared to a straight line down to the point, the Carter Elbow creates a more reinforced tip.

STYLE: Master Smith, High Grade series Gyuto Kitchen Knife
FEATURE: Carter Elbow and Carter Safety Heel
STEEL: Hitachi White #1 Steel core laminated with 180 alternating layers of 1025 High Tensile Steel and Pure Nickel Sheet
FINISH: Ground/Polished/Deep Etched
HANDLE: Oak with Corian Bolster
LINER: Red Cedar and Black Linen Micarta Spacers
BLADE LENGTH: 9.49″ (241 mm, 7.95 sun)
WEIGHT: 6.28 oz (178 g)
BLADE WIDTH: 2.17″ (55 mm)
BLADE THICKNESS: *0.071″ (1.81 mm)

*NOTE: Because all of Carter Cutlery blades have a forged distal taper (thicker in the middle, more thin towards the tip), the blade thickness given is dependent on what part of the blade is measured. On kitchen knives, we measure the blade thickness at the stamp.

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