DiKristo 225mm Pro Chef's Knife

Product Description

PRO, is a dedicated knife line for professionals and knife enthusiasts. Made from vanadium & niobium carbide, stainless steel it was designed to be versatile, durable and reliable but also elegant and beautiful in order to become true extension of your hand!


  • Thin and light, for nimble, razor sharp cuts even when working hours.
  • Unique geometry. Made for chopping, push/pull cut and rocking.
  • Designed to be versatile for slicing, filleting, chopping, dicing.
  • Unique Handles. Made from stabilized wood,resin and more.

Knife Specifications Chef’s

Blade length: 225 mm
Handle length: 115 mm
Total length: 345 mm
Handle thickness: 23 mm
Handle height (max): 25mm
Blade thickness on spine: 2.5 mm tapered
Blade height (max): 50mm
Approx. weight: 175 gr
Hardness: 60-61 HRC

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