Rosecity Brigade Gyuto Chef's Knife 9'' (FREE SHIPPING)

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If you have to have one knife in your kitchen which one should it be? A chef's knife (or gyuto) the cook’s best friend is the do-it-all knife of the kitchen ideal for chopping veggies carving meat and everything in between. If you have to pick just one this is it.  

The Brigade Gyuto is a rugged and no-nonsense traditional gyuto design suitable for hard-working professional and home kitchens alike. The Brigade series co-designed with partners in Portland’s restaurant community is named in our partners’ honor: just as the brigade de cuisine is the backbone of the professional kitchen we hope our Brigade series will be the backbone of your cooking. Each knife just like each cook is specialized to fulfill a structured and specific role in the kitchen. Brigade knives incorporate both traditional Japanese blade design and Western handle design resulting in a knife with a very thin and light blade paired with a comfortable light handle suitable for any size hand.

The blade is made from 52100 carbon steel and has been heat treated to a hardness of 62-63 HRC. Our controlled heat treating method prevents excess carbon from going into solution develops very fine grain and carbide structures within the steel and minimizes retained austenite by using lower austenization temperatures and continuous cooling curves throughout the quench cycle. The result is a very sharp and stable edge great edge retention and good sharpenability. The steel also takes patina very easily and can result in beautiful patterns and finishes either from prolonged use or intentional etching. The blade is ground symmetrically to a thin convex edge geometry that is designed to facilitate food release while still being comfortable for both righties and lefties.  The blade profile incorporates a long flat making it ideal for push cutting and chopping.

The handle is designed for comfort during extended use combining traditional design elements with modern ergonomics. It is made from black canvas Micarta a very rugged thermostable and impact resistant material well suited to professional environments. To improve ergonomics the bolster converges on the rounded and polished spine and choil of the blade with a forward sweep. This design feature gives your fingers a comfortable place to grip without making contact with any hard edges corners or hotspots allowing you to use this knife for extended periods. The handle is long enough to accommodate large or small hands in either the pinch or full grip while still being light and agile. The choice in handle materials and the blade's unique sealed tang design significantly reduces overall weight while retaining strength along the entire length of the knife.

Each knife we sell goes through a rigorous process of quality control ensuring each knife meets our expectations for sharpness durability balance weight and beauty. We stand by our quality by offering a lifetime warranty on every knife.

Our Brigade Chef's Gyuto is perfect for those who need a versatile light agile chef's knife. It performs well whether you are chopping vegetables or slicing proteins. We think this will be your favorite knife in the kitchen.

The kit includes:

  • Gyuto
  • Birch Saya
  • Black Saya Peg
  • Lifetime Warranty

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