Gastro HotMix Pro

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otmixPRO GastroHotmixPRO Gastro is a food processor with added benefit of heat source. It processes many types of food with precise temperatures up to 190 degrees C (374 degrees F) up to 12500 RPM 78 different programmed functions and 168 classic recipes pre-loaded on the SD card. Whether caramelizing sugar setting custard creams blending sauces cooking jams or kneading doughs HotmixPro's automated processing prepares these recipes without constant attention from the chef.Preparation of complete recipes is convenient and programmed and allows any team member in the kitchen to perform even the most complicated recipes. The result is consistency in high-quality food preparation while increasing efficiency in the kitchen. HotmixPro Gastro is your versatile assistant in the kitchen.Unique features:Min/max temp: 25degrees C (77 degrees F) / 190degrees C (374 degrees F).Control temperature by 1 degree increments.Max speed: 12500 rpm and stable power supply of 1500 watts.SD memory system with ability to store custom recipes pre-loaded with 168 classic recipes.Durable stainless steel housing.Specifications:Autostore recipes: SD card included.Max temperature: 190 degrees C.Min. temperature: 25degrees C.Temperature control: Degree by degree.Motor rpm: 60-12500.Speeds: 23 speeds including turbo pulse and zero.Delayed Start Wait/Next: cook to precise temperature or time.Repeat: repeat the last step.Self-diagnostic: yes.Bowl capacity: 2 Liters.Motor power: 1500W.Heating power: 800W.Total max power: 2300W.Available power supply: 110V.Structure: Stainless Steel.LCD Display with icons: yes.What is the HotmixPro?The HotmixPro is a thermal mixer. It's a multifuctional commercial appliance that allows to cook any food while mixing simultaneously at variable speeds at temperatures between 25 and 190degrees C and that works both as a mixer for blending liquids and as a cutter that will chop up any solid ingredient. It is ideal for cooking pastry creams tempering chocolate cooking