Messermeister Mu Fusion 8-1/2" Sashimi Knife

Product Description
$93.50 $187.00
58 Rockwell hardness; Satin finish blade
15 degree precision edge; closed bolster collar; linen textured resin handle
High carbon, molybdenum vanadium steel; one-piece, fully stamped
Single edged blade; used with a pull cut technique; cuts (straight or on a bias) raw fish
Made in Japan; lifetime manufacturing warranty

The Messermeister Mu Micarta 8.5-in. Yanagiba Knife features a long, narrow, single edge, pointed blade that measures anywhere from 240-mm to 360-mm. The most popular blade lengths are 240-270 mm for most home chefs and 270-300 mm for most professionals. The long heavy blade allows for a longer pull cut with less pressure, which helps to hold the shape of the fragile raw fish.

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