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Running Man Forge 8.5" S-Grind 52100 Chef's Knife (#1)

Product Description

Forge Finsh

52100 Carbon Steel

  • Known to be very tough and hard Steel, can hold an edge for extended amount of time. HRC 62. Will need proper maintenance

Double Dyed Green & Tan Maple Burl (K&G stabilized)

  • K&G have over 20 years in stabilizing and are known to be the best.

  • The stabilizing process almost turns wood into a plastic. This makes the wood very resistant to warping and water damage.

.11” Thick at the spine

  • A thinner spine means that you don’t have to push material out of the way. Making it easier to glide through what you are cutting.

8.5" Blade

2.0" Height

13.5" Overall

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