SHUN BLUE 7IN MENKIRI VG0009 (Free Shipping)

Product Description
$109.95 $313.00

In Japan a menkiri is a noodle-cutting knife. The long straight razor-sharp edge contacts the cutting board completely to make cutting a folded sheet of fresh noodle dough almost effortless. Of course in the same way that it can help you cut beautiful even delicious noodles it is equally adept at cutting a full range of fresh homemade pastas. And it could even provide excellent cutting control for slicing vegetables. 

The Shun Blue Menkiri is part of the Shun Blue series developed in partnership with award-winning chef Chris Cosentino. Internationally renowned for his nose-to-tail cooking philosophy Chef Cosentino chose traditional Japanese blade shapes that are essential for preparing the proteins for which he is so well known as well as a selection of all-purpose tools every kitchen needs. These exciting knives feature a carbon steel cutting core for a razor-sharp edge and quick re-sharpening. For easier care the blue carbon steel core is sandwiched between two layers of mirror-polished stainless steel. But note that these knives will need additional care to protect the edge from rust. The Blue Menkiri's beautiful grey PakkaWood® handles are a traditional Japanese design that provides a secure and comfortable grip. The Shun Blue series makes this selection of classic Japanese culinary knives available to professionals and avid home cooks in the West.

Includes traditional Japanese wooden saya or sheath.

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