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SHUN CLASSIC PRO 6.5IN USUBA VG0007 (Free Shipping)

Product Description
$179.95 $225.00

The Shun Classic Pro Usuba is the quintessential Japanese vegetable knife. With its flat blade and squared-off tip it is perfect for push/pull vegetable chopping. The straight edge cleanly contacts the cutting board so there is no need for the rocking cut used with a chef's knife. Since the entire blade contacts the board there is much less chance to accordion vegetables—when the vegetable slices are still connected at the bottom because the knife hasn't quite cut all the way through.

The incredibly sharp single-beveled Shun Classic Pro Usuba is an extremely useful and versatile vegetable knife. We're sure the usuba will find its place in your kitchen just as is has in professional kitchens all over Japan. The Shun Classic Pro Usuba is part of the Shun Classic Pro line of traditional Japanese blade shapes. Because nothing compares to the scalpel-like precision of a single-bevel the Shun Classic Pro line features single-bevel blades in pure VG10 stainless steel with sharp chisel edges and comfortable D-shaped PakkaWood handles. With their dramatic graffiti-etched blades these knives are visually striking as well. The etched design on the blade—different for each blade style—is similar to etching found on custom Japanese knives and used to identify the blade’s maker. Blade backs are gently hollow ground creating a tiny air pocket between blade and food so the knife glides through each task with quick precision. Sharpening on a whetstone is practically effortless.

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