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The Shun Kanso 3.5-inch Paring Knife is a must-have for every kitchen. In a way you can think of it as the mini version of the chef's knife because like the chef's knife the paring knife is quite versatile. The paring knife gets its name from its main function—removing or paring away things like peels or pits from fruits and vegetables. It’s ideal for peeling coring trimming decorating and other detail work. Its small size gives you complete control over the tip and edge of the blade. Generally you'll use this knife in your hand rather than against a cutting board though paring knives can also be used for chopping small foods such as garlic cloves or ginger.

Shun Kanso 3.5-inch Paring Knife is part of the Shun Kanso series. Kanso is a design principle based on Zen philosophy. It means simplicity but simplicity that is achieved by eliminating the non-essential. In Kanso we took away anything that doesn’t matter and kept everything that does: high-performance steel razor-sharp edge perfect balance and precision cutting control. The steel is Japanese AUS10A—highly refined high-carbon vanadium stainless steel that takes a razor-sharp edge and holds it longer. Kanso's Heritage finish hides scratches and gives Kanso a rustic look that just improves with age. The handle is made of tagayasan wood sometimes known as iron sword wood. The handle contouring enables an easy chef's grip. Full-tang construction provides strength balance and easy cutting control. Like all Shun knives Kanso is sharpened to a 16° cutting angle each side to cut cleanly and help preserve food’s freshness and best taste.

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