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In addition to being strikingly beautiful the Shun Reserve Hollow-Ground Slicing Knife offers you the very best in slicing performance. The long narrow blade allows you to make a cleaner cut which helps keep more of the juices—and more of the flavor—trapped in the meat. The longer blade also lets you make precise slices with a single stroke while the narrower profile and hollow-ground indentations help the blade glide through the meat with even less friction.

The Shun Reserve Hollow-Ground Santoku is part of the Shun Reserve line a masterful blend of graceful beauty and impeccable performance. Shun Reserve knives are full-tang Western-style kitchen tools clad with 32 layers of flowing ladder Damascus on each side of the blade—for a total of 64 layers of cladding. Yet as beautiful as this elegant Damascus is it is Reserve’s SG2 steel cutting core that makes it truly remarkable. This ultra-fine-grained steel is incredibly hard and dense—enabling Shun to make thinner blades that can be sharpened to a razor-like 16° angle. At the same time SG2 offers unmatched edge retention. Shun Reserve offers the strength and perfectly balanced weight that Western-style knife lovers prefer. Full-tang riveted construction provides a heftier blade that delivers both power and precision. Exceptionally beautiful Shun Reserve knives offer supreme performance and are a pleasure to use.

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