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Reserve’s perfectly balanced slightly heavier weight gives the Shun Reserve Serrated Utility Knife additional power for precision cutting. You’ll also appreciate the way the beautiful ladder Damascus seems to mirror the knife’s serrations. This gorgeous knife is a tool with many uses. Between a chef’s knife and a paring knife in size its blade is narrower and has only a slight curve. It’s the ideal knife for foods that have somewhat tough skins and soft interiors—such as tomatoes and some fruits.

The Shun Reserve Serrated Utility Knife is part of the Shun Reserve line a masterful blend of graceful beauty and impeccable performance. Shun Reserve knives are full-tang Western-style kitchen tools clad with 32 layers of flowing ladder Damascus on each side of the blade—for a total of 64 layers of cladding. Yet as beautiful as this elegant Damascus is it is Reserve’s SG2 steel cutting core that makes it truly remarkable. This ultra-fine-grained steel is incredibly hard and dense—enabling Shun to make thinner blades that can be sharpened to a razor-like 16° angle. At the same time SG2 offers unmatched edge retention. Shun Reserve offers the strength and perfectly balanced weight that Western-style knife lovers prefer. Full-tang riveted construction provides a heftier blade that delivers both power and precision. Exceptionally beautiful Shun Reserve knives offer supreme performance and are a pleasure to use.

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