SHUN SORA 9IN BREAD KNIFE VB0705 (Free Shipping)

Product Description
$99.95 $125.00

Prepare to fall in love with this bread knife. Whether you prefer a rustic crusty bread or a soft and tender loaf the Shun Sora Bread Knife will cut through easily to give you the perfect slice of bread every time. What makes this bread knife special—and better—is the way Shun has crafted the serrations. These aren't jagged little teeth that chew through your bread. These are razor-sharp low-frequency serrations. These wider serrations glide through the bread with ease. What's more cutting is even smoother because Shun has designed the serrations so that there's an equal amount of cutting power on the forward stroke and on the back stroke. Look at the blade and you'll see that the serrations lean forward on the front of the blade and backward on the back of the blade. That small change makes a big difference in cutting ease.

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