TOGIHARU NICKEL DAMASCUS GYUTOU 10.5 (270mm) (Free Shipping)

Product Description
$242.10 $336.25
  • Knives with a 50/50 balanced two-sided blade should not be altered to a 70/30 blade.
  • This knife is right and left handed user friendly.

Togiharu Nickel Damascus is one of Togiharu’s line of damascus steel knives. The elegant blade is constructed out of 62 layers of Nickel alloy and a VG-10 core. This line has gained popularity for its beautiful design hard 61 HRc steel and long edge retention. The symmetrical 50:50 double edged blade is suitable for both right and left-handed individuals.

The gyutou is a versatile chef's knife. It can be used for cutting meat fish and vegetables making it suitable for preparing Western cuisine. Lightweight and thin Japanese chef knives have a sharper blade and maintain their sharpness longer than most other chef knives.


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