Vacmaster VP210 Scratch N Dent (New) (Free Shipping)

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VACMASTER® VP210 Chamber Machine is considered the crossover in vacuum packaging. It bridges the gap between home use and commercial use offering a strong powerful machine that outperforms the standard home unit. This machine is perfect for a small catering business independent chefs or anyone looking for a serious machine. The VP210 is a reliable maintenance-free machine that will take the vacuum packaging experience to a new level. How does the chamber machine work? When sealing with a chamber machine the vacuum pouch is placed inside the chamber and the lid is closed. Air is sucked out of the entire chamber not just the pouch itself allowing air pressure on both the inside and outside of the pouch to remain equal and liquids to stay inside the pouch. The pouch is then fully sealed and air is returned back into the chamber. This machine takes the chore out of vacuum packaging! The VP210 accepts chamber pouches up to 10W x 13L.Ideal for: Vacuum package soups stews marinades and other liquid rich foods Keeping fish and game meat fresh longer and free of freezer burn Storing meat and fish scent-free Taking advantage of bulk buys simply portion and package Perfect for marinating meat and vegetables Vacuum package pre-made meals


75 - Assorted Vacuum Chamber Pouches

2 - Filler Plates

Maintenance Kit User’s Guide -

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