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Holiday Shopping: A Guide To The Best Knife Brands

The holidays may be a time of joy and cheerfulness, but when it comes to shopping the season can be awfully stressful. For the Home Butcher in your life, a great kitchen knife should be both admirable and effective. Check out our best selling knife brands!

Dexter-Russell. From the 10 inch Cook’s Knife to slicing the little stuff with the 3 ½ inch paring knife - our Dexter-Russell set is both stain resistant and durable. This professional line of cutlery knives can withstand both freezing and low temperatures. The blade-to-handle seal creates for not only a firm grip, but a sanitary performance. 

Miyabi. Made in Japan, the Miyabi knives are both effective and stylish. This set comes in four different handle styles. The dark Rosewood Pakka handle of the Artisan style, the light Karelian of the Birchwood style, the jet-black grip of the Fusion Morimoto Edition, and the round comfortable grip of the Kaizen style. 

Nora. Great knives come in all shapes and sizes. Nora knives are wear resistant and rugged. The handles appear in many different styles. The Nora set has a rare performance type unlike any other knife. From the 8.5 inch chef’s blade to the 3.5 inch paring blade - the Nora set belongs with any kitchen knife collection! 

Wusthof. Every chef needs that knife they can rely on. The Wusthof collection is forged in high-carbon steel for a durable and effective blade. The Classic 5 inch Hollow Edge knife has dimples along the blade for a clean slice, and nothing can stop the precise cut of this collection’s paring knife!

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