Miyabi Knives at Rodriguez Butcher Supply

Crafted with expertise to perfectly fit the hand of a master chef, the Miyabi Artisan knives are hand honed in the far distant lands of Seki, Japan. Each knife features the industry leading SG2 Core plate in their nickel and stainless steel surface for an outstanding cutting edge performance! These top-performing blades possess an exceptional beauty and are a must-have for any chef’s knife collection. From slicing and dicing the small to large produce, the Miyabi knives take and succeed any challenge a chef may face. Here are a few items of Homebutcher’s collection of Miyabi Artisan Knives.

Miyabi Artisan 3.5 Paring Knife: Small but powerful, this Paring Knife reduces the struggles having to cut through smaller fruits and vegetables. With its hammering finish as the produce is sliced through, you’ll discover that the Paring Knife prevents sticking and looks astonishing to those watching the cooking process.

Miyabi Artisan 5.5 Santoku Knife: Only expert hands can wield the mighty Santoku Knife. Its large, dimpled surface can slice through the bigger kitchen endeavors the chef may face. The Santoku Knife chops quickly and effectively for amazing kitchen productivity.

Miyabi Artisan 5.25 Prep Knife: Slice, dice, and peel away with the excellently curved blade of the Prep Knife. With the rocking hands of a chef, you’ll find that cutting through vegetables and meats will no longer be a challenge in your kitchen.

Miyabi Artisan Chef’s Knife: What does the chef have to rely on when he has to prepare big meals for hungry parties? Miyabi’s Chef Knife will always be there for preparing the main course! Both the 6 and 8-inch blades are in the Homebutcher stock, and they’re just waiting to find themselves in the professional hands of a chef.

Shop for our collection here: https://homebutcher.com/collections/miyabi

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  • Olivia Hayse