From the Mouth of a Bladesmith

“You get what you pay for." That saying applies to so many things in life but maybe none more so than buying a quality tool.

Yes, a knife is a tool. And like many tools it should be an extension of yourself. In a sense you should forget it's even there when using it. It should feel that natural. 

I personally spend countless hours on each and every blade I make. Hours in front of the fire, hours wearing an uncomfortable respirator while grinding, hours hand sanding every little scratch, hours carving and shaping handles. And guess what? I love it more than anything. 

I've seen factory made knives. I've seen the prices and I know what kind of quality they will be ensuring. And I feel it is my responsibility as a lover of this craft and as someone who has dedicated his life to learning every aspect of it and to prolonging the honesty and life of it, to educate you the consumer of what I can provide you that some cannot.

I don’t just make knives. Knives are my life. When you buy a Gambler Custom blade, you’re buying a piece of me, a piece of my life, a piece of my home and a piece of my heart.

Like my customers, all my blades have a story. You could say I've poured blood, sweat and tears into each and every one of them to give them life. And its time for them to live as they were intended. 


—- Payton Pelland, A.B.S. Apprentice Bladesmith, March 2019

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