Heartwood Forge Knives

Heartwood Forge from Kevin Johnson on Vimeo.

Heartwood Forge is propelled by this creative transformation. While reclaiming discarded resources and by-products of industry from around the US, owner and operator Will Manning crafts these materials into high performance, heirloom tools, created to last generations.


Our forged knives are primarily created from found and recycled carbon steels that have been chemically analyzed so we know exactly which alloys we have in the shop. All of our handles are made from salvaged or foraged material from around the region, often utilizing native hardwoods for their beauty and functionality. Heartwood Forge takes immense pride in our craft and in this we produce knives that stand the test of time.

We are committed to maintaining your knife's edge and beauty, and offer lifetime sharpening and maintenance. Interested in creating a custom, bespoke piece? Contact us and we'll work together to make a knife that's perfect.https://vimeo.com/85467534

Heartwood Forge Knives

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