Hundsperg Knives


 The goal: To make the best possible tools for your specific task and simultaneously spend as much quality time with our family as possible.

This, is how Hundsperg was born.

Catherine and I have had interesting lives thus far that have spanned multiple disciplines. Most recently, Catherine is running a private vocal and theatrical performance studio at maximum capacity. 

My focuses had me spending the last three years studying under one of the most amazing craftsmen/blacksmiths I have had the privilege of knowing, Mark J. Hopper.

The primary focus of my time spent with Mark was hammer control, forging, knife making, and architectural projects.  Our time was also spent creating and nurturing a community, a student body, a web presence and a curriculum so that the teaching could, and does, stand on its own. 

Then came the burn-out and, subsequently, the time for reflection. Stressed out by overstretching ourselves and keeping up with the Joneses, Catherine and John made a choice - the choice to consolidate our lives together and focus on one goal: 

To make the best tools that we possibly can coupled with exposing and building a self-reliant community around us and the other local makers.

Hundsperg Knives

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