Demeyere 5.8-qt Stainless Steel Flat Bottom Wok with Helper Handle

Product Description
$244.95 $306.25

Steam, fry and cook - all of this is possible with the Demeyere wok. It is perfect for dishes where the vegetables must be fresh and crisp, and where vitamins are retained thanks to slow, gentle cooking. With a volume of 5.8-qt it is useful for preparing large quantities of food.

With this flat-bottomed wok you will be able to create classic wok dishes such as Thailand’s national dish, Pad Thai, with ease. Seafood, beef, pork or poultry can all be cooked gently and evenly. This Demeyere wok is made of 7 ply material which consists of several layers of stainless steel and aluminium.

Thanks to the multi-layered base, the heat is quickly and evenly distributed over the entire base to the sides of the wok. This ensures that all ingredients are evenly cooked. The flat base makes the cookware suitable for use on all types of cookers. Passionate amateur cook or professional, this wok from Demeyere is suitable for everyone, thanks to its versatility.

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