Demeyere Atlantis 6-pc Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Product Description
$749.99 $1,101.00

Consist of:

   Saucepan with lid 3.2QT / 7.9"
   Casserole/Saucepot with lid 5.5QT / 9.4"
   Proline frypan 9.4"
   Stackable steamer

Features & Benefits
   Manufactured in Belgium
   Silvinox® treated; stainless steel remains silvery white, fingerprint resistant and easy to clean
   No Rivets; handles are welded to the pots
   Perfect fit lids
   Perfect pouring edge, designed to avoid spilling of any liquid while pouring
   Inductoseal® base; made of 7 layers
   TriplInduc® assures that the cookware can be used on all cooking surfaces

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