Finex Cast Iron Lean Grill Pan - 15"

Product Description
  • True BBQ-width grill ribs—best grill marks on or off the grill.
  • Machined and polished to minimize sticking and makes cleaning simple.
  • Thick-walled design heats evenly and holds heat extremely well.
  • Pre-seasoned with organic flaxseed oil—ready to grill out of the box.
  • Twin quick cooling stainless steel spring handles—go from grill to serving table quickly.
  • Use with gas, induction, electric or straight over the coals. Oven safe and grill ready.
  • Handcrafted from the highest quality materials in the U.S.A.
  • Good Forever guarantee.

Perfect cast iron grilling results—indoors or out. Best used with any heat source.

FINEX cast iron grill pans get hotter than some Texas counties—and the 12-inch grill pan is just about as wide. Our cast iron grill pans are designed with true BBQ-width grill ribs for fantastic grill marks on or off the grill. Rich foods drain easily too and won’t fry because our grill ribs are extra deep and patterned after commercial BBQ grates.

Our thick-bottom design heats evenly and retains heat for perfect grilling results on every heat source. For outdoor grilling you get the best of both worlds—all that wonderful BBQ flavor from the coals or grill—without the flare-ups or unintended charring. Both meats and veggies are perfectly grilled—tender and juicy.

Our cast iron grill pans were made for the popular reverse sear technique—considered by many to be the best way to prepare a steak. Especially if you smoke low and slow, and want perfect cross-hatch grill marks right before serving.

Every cast iron grill rib is individually machined and polished to minimize sticking and makes cleaning easy. Each pan is pre-seasoned with organic flax seed oil and precision assembled. Our signature Quick Cooling stainless steel springs and permanently secured with commercial rivets for handles that are as sharp looking as they are functional. Our cast iron grill pans are built for heavy-duty use on the stove top, in the oven, on the grill or over the coals.

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