Gray Kunz Perforated Spoon (Free Shipping)

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Gray Kunz Perforated Spoon

Chef Gray Kunz is known for his exacting standards, attention to detail, and demanding excellence from his staff. The kitchens he commands go beyond the norm and codify things that most would take for granted. From this passion for his craft the Gray Kunz spoons were born. Spoons are a tool in every chef’s arsenal. They allow cooks to perform a range of tasks from mixing, to plating, to portioning and of course, tasting. There is one spoon that has more loyal users than any other: The Gray Kunz Spoon.

A perforated version of the venerable Gray Kunz Spoon, this perforated version offers the same quality and comfort as the original. Remove items from liquid and drain them efficiently and effectively with this proven classic.

• 9" overall.
• 18/10 Stainless steel.
• Heavy stainless steel.
• Excellent quality.
• Comfortable handle with a brushed finish.
• The hole in the handle tells you the spoon is perforated when stored blind in a bain marie.

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