JIKKO Chef Blue1 carbon steel Gyuto Japanese knife

Product Description
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Chef Bocho(Gyuto)

The Guyto is the most common western knife used throughout the world. It can be used to cut meat (boneless), fish (boneless) and vegetable. It is also known as a “French Knife E “Chef Knife E“Bannou Bocho Eas is used as a replacement for a Mitsutoku Bocho.



Blue 1 Steel [Aoko]

Blue Steel is the highest quality steel material produced by our supplier Hitachi Metals. The characteristics of this steel are its high edge retention and durability. Knives made from this material are commonly used in restaurants such as Sushi Restaurants, where there is a need to continuously slice Sashimi, since the steel retains its edge the chefs are able to produce beautifully prepared Sashimi all day long.


Style Chef
Steel Type Blue1 Steel (Carbon steel)
Blade Doble-Edged 

Blade Length

9.4" (240mm)

Handle Material Ebony
Bolster Material Water Buffalo

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