Kai Seki Magoroku 210mm Gyuto

Product Description
$26.95 $55.00

Gyuto (牛刀): (beef-sword) This knife is known as the chef's knife used for professional Western cuisine. When preparing vegetables, it is used in the form of chopping or thrust-cutting near the heel of the knife. The gyuto is also used to rock-chop stiffer produce and to make fine cuts at the tip of the knife.It is also used for many different cuts of meat. For larger cuts it is used to saw back and forth. On the other hand it is used to pull-cut softer meats, and push-cut more muscular cuts of meat. There is usually a slope from heel of the knife to the tip, causing the wrist to point down and shoulder to raise up when cutting. The general size ranges from 210 mm to 270 mm. 210 mm is more of a line knife size and is more nimble, whereas 240 mm is more of a general purpose size and allows for more slicing. 270 mm has more slicing power but is much taller and longer making it more difficult to use

1K6 stainless steel with a hardness of 58 (±1) HRC, which guarantees a high and uniform level of hardness as well as long-lasting cutting durability. Their convex grind gives the knives a stable cutting edge - ideal for a clean and precise cut. The matt finish highlights the cool elegance of the knife.

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