LEM 4.2 Gallon SS Meat Mixer

Product Description

Meat Mixers

Large batches small batches or any size in between we have the perfect size Meat Mixer for you. Stainless Steel Meat Mixers makes sausage making simple. Put the seasonings water and meat into the hopper and turn the handle or let the your LEM grinder motor do the work. Mixes in just minutes. Hopper and 4 mixing paddles are stainless steel making them easy to clean and rust resistant. Includes plexi-glass cover. Choose between our 50 lb. 25 lb. or 20 lb. and use manually with the handle provided or attach to one of our LEM Grinders. For 50 lb. Mixer use .75 HP or larger. Tub size: 14L x 11W x 14H. For our 25 lb. Mixer use a .35 HP or larger. Tub size: 11L x 10 1⁄4W x 13H. 20 lb. mixer tub measures 11L x 8 3⁄4W x 11H. Will not attach to models purchased prior to 2002. Motor is not included.

PLEASE NOTE: 20 lb. Mixer is manual only and cannot attach to any LEM Grinder.

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