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Take the technique of master chefs home  

The Sous Vide Professional CREATIVE Series provides quality results at an affordable price. By cooking in a precise controlled circulating bath you receive consistent enhanced flavor and perfect texture. In addition side dishes can be held at serving temperatures without the risk of drying out overcooking or burning.

The CREATIVE Series Immersion Circulator is ideal for home cooks and culinary students wanting to produce professional results. The easy-to-store and light weight immersion circulator clamps onto any pot or tank with round or flat walls that can hold up to 20 liters (5.3 gallons) transforming it into a controlled bath capable of preparing a meal for up to 12 guests.


  • Guide to Sous Vide Cooking introduction to Sous Vide cooking time/temperature references and links to other resources by PolyScience.
  • IHA Innovation Award Finalist
  • Perfect for occasional or lower volume application
  • An excellent low cost option
  • Temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Large back-lit LCD displays set and actual temperatures
  • Timer
  • Auto-restart
  • Easy-to-store and light weight          

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