Tormek SJ-250 Japanese Waterstone

Product Description

Product description

The Tormek Japanese Waterstone is 4000 grit and delivers a mirror finish with hardly any visible marks. Since it is made to create the finest surface, it has a limited steel removal capacity and cannot be used for shaping* a tool. It excels at sharpening hand tools like carving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons and wood chisels where a minimum of steel removal is needed and a superior surface finish is demanded. Its unique composition gives the stone an extremely long life. Since the surface left by the Japanese Waterstone is so fine, we do not recommend honing afterwards on the leather honing wheel.

Create a Superior Surface Finish
Featuring a grit size of 4,000, the SJ-250 Tormek Japanese waterstone provides your hand tools with a mirror finish and with hardly any visible marks. Since it's designed to create a fine surface, the stone has limited steel-removal capacity and therefore can be used only to sharpen tools, not shape them.


Great for Knives, Chisels, and Other Hand Tools
The SJ-250 Tormek Japanese waterstone is well suited for sharpening hand tools such as carving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons, and wood chisels, where you need to remove only a minimal amount of steel.

Product Information
Made for Tormek's T-7, T-3, 2000, and 1200 sharpening systems, this stone measures 250 millimeters in diameter and has a grit size of 4,000. Its unique composition is designed to give it an extremely long life.

About Tormek
Tormek is committed to providing the best solutions for the sharpening of all types of edge tools. Well grounded in Swedish traditions for advanced innovation, functionality, and quality, Tormek has developed a unique sharpening system that has come to set the standard in modern edge tool sharpening.

Since 1973, problem-solving through innovation has been a strong driving force for Tormek. This has resulted in 13 patents and the widest product range on the market. It includes 16 unique jigs and attachments, each one specially designed to easily achieve optimal sharpness on all kinds of edge tools.

Today, Tormek exports to more than 30 countries worldwide. The products are appreciated by cabinet makers, carpenters, woodcarvers, and wood turners as well as serious chefs in restaurants, industrial kitchens, and households. The Tormek sharpening system is also widely used in professional sharpening businesses.

All of Tormek's product development, engineering work, and production are done in Sweden. The company is located in Lindesberg, a small town in the heart of Bergslagen, an area known for its history in mining. The production is carried out in close cooperation with selected suppliers, all specialized and the best in their fields. This ensures the highest quality and a continuous access to the best and most modern manufacturing technology.

What's in the Box
One SJ-250 Japanese waterstone.

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