VacMaster VP220 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Product Description
$1,099.95 $1,600.00

VACMASTER® VP220 Chamber Vacuum Sealer
The VP220 from VacMaster® has a host of features including
a 12" seal bar - with double seal wire for extra protection,
automatic start - activated by simply closing the lid, and
many other easy-to-use features, making this machine
perfect for restaurants, culinary institutions, and other
food-related businesses.
It’s also a great entry level machine for hunters, fishermen,
and other home users that rely on getting a great seal to
preserve their game, catch, or meal. It’s easy to use and can
even handle liquids with no problem. The VP220 Chamber
Vacuum Sealer is for YOU!

- Automatic start
- Heavy duty, transparent lid
- 12” seal bar with double seal wire
- Adjustable time settings
- Stop and seal at ANY time
- Easy-to-read pressure indicator
- Maintenance-free air pump
- Lid latch for easy storage

- 45 Assorted Chamber Pouches
- Filler Plates
- User’s Guide