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The VacMaster® VP325 Chamber Vacuum Sealer is perfect for commercial operations with limited counter space. This floor model vacuum sealer powered by a strong durable 1.5 HP pump maximizes your counter space and vacuum packaging production. Four easy-roll wheels make the VP325 easy to move where you need it. The VP325 has two 16 seal bars on each side of the machine which allows for increased production and speedy operation. With this machine you can vacuum and seal multiple pouches at the same time making the VP325 perfect for medium to high volume commercial and food service operations looking for increased production. The VP325 outstrips other commercial machines with its heavy-duty durability and stainless steel construction. The spacious chamber is large enough to handle a 16 x 20 pouch with a domed lid for increased overall chamber height of 7. The gas flush feature of the VP325 offers additional vacuum packaging flexibility features making our machine ideal for dealing with a wide variety of products. With this machine you can vacuum package anything; liquids delicates or solids.

Simply place the pouch to be sealed inside the chamber and close the lid. This activates the vacuum pump and the vacuum and sealing process begins! First the air is removed from the entire chamber and the vacuum pouch. Once the preset vacuum level is achieved the pouch is sealed. Upon completion of the sealing cycle the air flows back into the chamber and the lid opens automatically. The gas flush option modifies the atmosphere in the chamber to remove the oxygen and instead replace it with a mixture of carbon dioxide and nitrogen for longer product shelf life. The gas flush allows for bulk or speedy commercial packaging of delicate items that would otherwise be crushed by a strong vacuum. By using a gas like nitrogen or another blended gas the delicate or brittle items won’t be crushed but will still be protected from the negative effects that oxygen has on food. The gas flush system that the VP325 comes with is great for packaging items that shouldn't be compressed such as soft fruits dried food chips and pasta.

Seal bars are easy to remove requiring no tools which makes cleaning and maintenance simple and fast. The VP325 keeps your business or restaurant running smoothly with little interruption to operation. This machine can handle any vacuum packaging task. The VP325 is ideal for small to medium processors supermarkets restaurants HRI and labs. With the VP325 you can extend and maintain quality while reducing waste and costs. No matter what you are vacuum packaging for superior service and dependable lasting strength use the VacMaster® VP325. Trust the cutting edge technology in our Prep Cook Package system to revitalize your business. Try the professional way the VacMaster® way!

  • Includes:
  • 100 Assorted Vacuum Chamber Pouches
  • 2 Filler Plates
  • Maintenance Kit
  • User’s Guide
  • Stainless steel body
  • Two 16 seal bars with double seal wire
  • Easy-to-use digital control panel
  • Easy-to-read pressure indicator
  • Heavy duty transparent lid
  • 1.5 HP rotary oil pump
  • Gas flush option

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