Weston Pro-2500 Chamber Vacuum Sealer (FREE SHIPPING)

Product Description
$799.95 $949.95
  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Adjustable seal time with easy to read display
  • Stainless steel body
  • Transparent lid for bag alignment
  • Draws 29.5 HG vacuum pressure
  • 630 watts (120 volt, 60 Hz)
  • 12' Sealer Bar

Vacuum package liquid, sharp, powdery or fragile foods with ease. Ideal for fish, bone-in meats, soups, sauces & marinades. Also great for sous vide, compression and infusion. Includes 30 free chamber sealer bags:

  • (10) pint [6" x 10"]
  • (10) quart [8" x 12"]
  • (10) gallon [12" x 14"]

How does a Chamber Sealer Work?
Air is removed from the chamber (not the pouch), which creates even pressure inside & outside of the bag, allowing liquids to remain in the bag. When the bag is fully sealed, the air will return to the chamber

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