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ZWILLING Mungsten Damast Anniversary 8" Chef's Knife

Product Description
$1,731.00 $2,150.00

Limited edition ZWILLING Mungsten Damask to mark the company's 285-year anniversary.

An idea is born.
Word got around in Solingen in 2010 that the region's landmark, the impressive Mungsten Bridge, was to be extensively repaired. The work involved replacing damaged sections of the immense steel framework. When the developers at ZWILLING heard about this, they rapidly came up with an idea of creating a unique memorial to the bridge located not far from Solingen. The old steel from the historical landmark was to be incorporated into modern knife steel. A historical part of Solingen was to be enclosed within the blade of a knife and breathe new life into the world-famous quality promise "Made in Solingen".

Engineering meets cutting craftsmanship.
The idea of creating a unique knife fits wonderfully with the company's timeline. After all, ZWILLING would like to remind people of 285 years of Made in Solingen knife-making craftsmanship on the occasion of its anniversary in 2016. The challenge for the ZWILLING developers was that the 100-year old bridge steel and modern stainless steel first had to be forged together to enable them to precisely forge a chef's knife from a single piece of Damask steel using SIGMAFORGE technology. This was achieved to perfection.


The manufacture
Working closely with a German Damask forge, ZWILLING developed a composite Damask steel from the steel of the Müngsten Bridge and a special stainless steel combination. A total of 107 fine layers represent the ultimate quality of Damask steel manufacturing – one for each metre of the 107-metre high bridge.

The bolster (hand protection)
The bolster, with its long approach into the blade, provides the maximum possible surface for the typical pattern play of the different layers of a Damask steel knife. When viewed from above, it is possible to see the forces and temperatures needed to cause the individual layers of steel to flow during the forging process.

The blade
The high-tip cutting edge of the blade measures 200 mm and is similar to the ZWILLING Pro series designed by the well-known Milan-born designer Matteo Thun. The contrast between the different layers of the material, typical of Damask knives, is highlighted by an etching process. The surface of the blade will visually alter over time, even if it is protected in a glass cabinet.

The handle
The handle scales are made of a strong dark grenadilla wood. The structure and colour of the natural material enhance the original character of the steel. The high density of the wood also enables it to withstand the acid treatment when the Damask steel is stripped. The different layers of steel are visible right up to the tang area.

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