The Portrait of The Carter Cutlery Knife Collection


Carter Cutlery to the average eye will seem like every other kitchen knife set, but the professionals will tell you that it’s artistically handcrafted to help you with all your kitchen endeavors. Here at Homebutcher, we are the place to go for knife collections that chefs from all walks of the kitchen would be absolutely astonished by - in use and in style. Homebutcher’s collection of Carter Cutlery knives is fascinating in their design and performance. Here’s the portrait of the Carter Cutlery collection and its creator, Murray Carter.

Murray Carter, since he was a boy, had always been fascinated with knives. When he was 18 years old, he moved to Japan where he was able to divulge into such fascination, becoming the apprentice of a 16th generation Yoshimoto Bladesmith for 6 years. He continued to forge blades, even being recognized as a “Mastersmith” by the American Bladesmith Society, and eventually returned to the United States where he continued to produce his line of Carter Cutlery. While the prices are steep for these Japanese handcrafted knives, their performance and style are sure to bring the best of benefits.

In our collection of Carter Cutlery, you will find these items:

Don’t forget to watch the Portrait of a Bladesmith - Murray Carter video to learn more about Cart Cutlery knives. And don’t wait to put in your order for this amazing collection; shop now!

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  • Olivia Hayse