Collection Spotlight: Jason Knight


Here, at Homebutcher, we display a variety of uniquely branded knives that are efficient, stylish, and have a user-friendly performance so that all kitchen endeavors may be dealt with. One particular intriguing thing about the brands we sell are their unique origins. Last month, we discussed our collection of Carter Cutlery and its unique creator, Murray Carter. This month, we cast the spotlight on a creator that has a more expressive approach to the design of his namesake brands. Jason Knight’s line of knives are not only functional in the realm of kitchenware but are also considered an art form.

At the curious age of 9, Jason’s admiration of knives led to him creating his own. This path would lead him to not only making specific customized tools for the kitchen, but Bowie formed and a various assortment of larger knives, too. Later in life, he became further fascinated, working as a stone carver and sculptor, with the art forms of blades. This fascination led to Jason winning “Best New Maker” for one of his products in 2001. Another award would come later down the line in 2002-2003, gaining the title “South Carolina Knifemaker of the Year.” This would ensure his presence made among the knifemaking community. From then on, Jason would take to knife forging like Picasso took to painting, “Making knives is the best art medium, it is fun, you can paint, carve, engrave. I enjoy making functional art, every knife I make can be used.”

Jason Knight has truly taken the craftsmanship of knives and turned it into an artform. His featured knife with us is the 7.25 inch Damascus Chef Knife. It features an elegantly designed blade with a handle made of Koa wood. Its blade will help any user slice away kitchen endeavors with a swift chop. Also, keep following this page to see what other Jason Knight Blades make it to Homebutcher.

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  • Olivia Hayse