Collection Spotlight: Nora Knives


At Rodriguez Butcher Supply, we take a great deal of pride in our selection of knives. From Japanese and European blades to American-crafted mixed styles, each brand of knife is individually selected based on quality, design, user friendliness, and attention to detail. This month, we highlight Nora Knives, an American small batch cutler.

Nora Knives was founded by Steven and Danielle Jenkins, a young couple living with their two young sons in Southern California. Steven, a former engineer, and passionate cook began as a knife collector. As his collection grew larger, he began paying greater care to sharpen them, and ultimately decided that the only way to acquire knives up to his standards was to make them himself.

Nora Knives are designed with a focus on functional elegance - Danielle says that knives, “aren’t meant to be shoved in a drawer; they deserve to be cherished and loved, displayed and honored.” Together, Steven and Danielle create knives that can be kept in usable condition for decades.

Each knife has a unique handle and a blade designed for a specific purpose. Take a look at Rodriguez Butcher Supply’s full stock of Nora Knives here and be sure to notice the varieties that are currently on sale!

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  • Olivia Hayse